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That, or one with an H screen. Tried a G series screen in my F5. Was whichever one Nikon says is good for the 50/1.8 AF. Pretty cool seeing the center spot go 100% clear as I was manually focusing.

The H4 works well with my 500mm f/8 Tamron mirror lens in dim light. With the 2X converter (makes a 1000mm f/16) there's what looks like an interference pattern but it's still usable. My overall favorite for that combo and just about everything else is the good ol' B screen. I was going to get a D for the long lenses and macro, but haven't bothered.
I have to say the stock screen in the N8008s is also good for the 1000mm combo, and I don't mind the OoF image rendition because, hey, it's a mirror lens. And it's almost always at infinity anyway, with no OoF images.