I've got a Bronica ETRSi and a SQ-Am.
Try placing a small glass of water on top of these cameras when mounted
on a cheap tripod and fire the shutter.
This will make ripples in the surface of the water, so they obviously vibrate
when shooting. Has anyone experienced blurred images when shooting in low
light situations with shutter speeds ranging from 1/30 to 1 sec?
If yes,-what do you do to dampen / eliminate camera shake?

I always shoot with mirror lock-up using the electromagnetic cable trigger,
so I guess a decent tripod comes next. Last night I tested with my old and
cheap tripod and the movement of the shutter opening created easily visible
ripples in the glass of water. Today I went to the local hardware store and
picked up a tripod intented for the use of contractors when they level out roads
and similar things. This tripod is huge, but who cares, I want camera shake to
go away, simple as that. I haven't got a head for it yet, but placing the Bronicas
on top of the tripod seems to have helped. I can barely notice vibration in
the water when the shutter trips. Pressing the cameras lightly down on the tripod
with my hand makes any vibration disappear altogether.
Mounting a head on this beast may change things for the worse, so if anyone has
good ideas for obtaining minimum camerashake I'm all ears.