I've been wanting to have a go with the postcard exchange for a while, but time has kept me from joining in. I still havent had time to read through the postcard threads (I have skimmed through a few threads, though), so forgive me if anything I ask has been answered.

My interest in joining in on the postcard fun coincides with my interest to move up to large format, and I've been considering a 5X7 camera, but I can find no 5x7 postcard paper (well, no analog 5x7 paper ). I know I can get a 4x5 reducing back for a 5x7 camera, but that causes another problem: the Ilford photo paper is 4x6.

That brings me to my questions

I'm trying to imagine what a 4x5 neg aligned on a 4x6 card would look like with a 1/2 border on each side. It looks good in my mind, but what I see in my mind doesnt always work out on paper (or canvas) as well as I want. (Why cant we have 4x6 cameras and film? Damn you film and camera makers! )

Could I make postcards out of 4x5 or 5x7 paper and use a ruler and a pen to make straight lines for the address and message part on the back? I might can find some stamp at Staples or Office Depot that I can use on the back (You know, like those stamps elementary school teachers use to stamp "Good Job" or "Good Work!" on papers? I never saw too many of those on my papers )

I dont have to work tomorrow, and I think I have the house clean for christmas, so I might actually have time to scour apug and google for answers tomorrow, unless I find something that needs cleaning or fixin', which is very possible around here.

thanks in advance