I have both a Toyo CF and 45A, and am very happy with both. Although the 45A is more robust, has back swing and a rotating back, it is much heavier. Roughly 2.5kg for the 45A and 1.6 for the CF.
So if you are interested in a very light 4x5, then the CF is well worth considering, especially, if like me, you combine it with lightweight lenses, such as a 210/9 Claron.
Although it has plenty of bellows extension, enough in theory for 300mm, there is potential for a lot of vibration with such a long lens - in part because the tripod mount is very close to the back. (By comparison, on the 45A the back and front extend in both directions with long lenses, so that the tripod mount remains roughly in the (stable) middle.)

One advantage of the CF is that you can close the camera without removing the lens, providing it has a Copal 0 shutter and a filter thread less than about 60mm. (Unfortunately, that excludes the Claron with its Copal 1 shutter.