Andrew- how do you feel about closing the camera? I remember trying it in the store when they were new and you had to remove the front standard from the focusing track in the bed to get it onto the little rail in the body in order to close it. It always felt like it was going to break or jam when trying to close it. So I passed and later got a Shen Hao HZX ATII. Yes, it's in the same weight category as your 45A, but hiking around with it at 8500 feet (approx 2600 meters) of elevation never bothered me. I also never had a stability issue with it, even when using my longest lens (a 300mm Fujinon T telephoto). That stability and the weatherproof quality of the teak body made the extra weight worthwhile in my opinion. I've never worried about it breaking; I felt like I would always be worried about the 45CF.