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My question to you therefore is: can I produce similar pictures whilst having more control over the camera ?
Hello Matthew. Don't know how much Holga's cost over there but here in the states, it costs about < $20.00. Will it kill you to spend that much on one just to see what the hubbub is all about? I think its a pretty good investment to make considering all the other options.

As far as control, yes, like Leon, I like to be able to control it. I don't like light leaks. A lot of people do but I don't find it that fascinating. Its a dang light leak! You'll find a million resources on the web on how to control that aspect. But with a lot like other stuff, you'll have to try it and get used to your film speed, how you develop it, subject matter, parralax problem, etc, etc. You'll probaly find the same problems if you get something of the 50's, 60's vintage. I too have an Agfa Isola and an Agfa Clack but they are different. For one thing, the shutter is really slow. But still the same problem of parallax, shutter speeds, film, developer, etc.