If you're tied to EF lenses and want autofocus or a modern metering system, then one of the EOS-1 series cameras, but despite the many attractive features of these cameras, I still prefer using my New F-1. I don't use autofocus and pretty much always spot meter and shoot manually, so none of the automatic features are of interest to me, and the New F-1 just feels mechanically more solid to me and is better designed for accurate manual focus, particularly with regard to the focusing screen and the pitch of the focusing helicals on the FD lenses.

That said, I'm having fun with my new (to me) pellicle mirror EOS 1N-RS, with it's extremely low shutter lag. On the one hand this makes the camera feel very responsive, and the film seems to zip through the camera effortlessly, but on the other hand the shutter button feels a little plasticky, and it's harder to sense the halfway point than on the New F-1.