There's something that's been missed, the metal cameras like the Toyo are designed to be used hand-held if required, it's a bit awkward using that Wista hand-held.

I have a Wista 45DX and it's a great camera to use, essentially the same but no Graflok back and I've never found that to be an issue as I use a Wista RF back which has a plate which protects the screen.

Recently I've switched to a metal Super Graphic here in Turkey & left the Wista in the UK. The Super Graphic's similar to the Toyo but has a range-finder as well, movements are a fraction quicker to use than the Wista as SteveR says, but that's never ben an issue. The major advantage is the Super Graphic is easy to use hand-held and previously I had to decide whether to take the Wista for tripod work or a Crown Graphic when I thought tripods might not be permitted.

So take into account whether you need to work hand-held.