Thanks. Fini was a name I needed to know (although they don't seem to have any online info ?)

I've also been looking at locally made Profile frames, which seem similar to the Ikea ones (a bit more expensive, but I'd probably pay it for locally made):

One of the good things about the Nielsen frames is that by default, they seem to come as archival gallery quality: UV glass, Artcare archival boards etc. I've since found a US retailer who may ship them here, but the shipping cost will be a killer, so no go :-\

If I decide to sell framed prints, I want to know that the frames are at the same archival quality as the prints (selenium toned FB).

SMBooth: good idea, just order them to spec -- there are quite a few framers around... will have a chat to some.

Thanks everyone, and if there are any more ideas, please post them.