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That is unfortunate. What keeps you from being able to make them?
If I had my own darkroom at home then it would probably be no problem. However, the only time I get to use a darkroom is at school. It would be much easier to use the chemicals they have there to develop my film. I feel like it would be a bit of a pain to make mixtures every time I go in. When I was using paper negatives I would go out and take a photo, go back into the darkroom and develop, and then go back out and take another photo if the first one was off. Which means I'd only get a couple photos done in a class period. Not sure if they'd even allow me to be mixing my own stuff there.

Thanks for the tip about the HC-110 solution. I have a feeling I'm going to be trying various dilutions of different developers since I've gotten varying opinions from different users on here.