I've done a forum search, and didn't come up with much, so I'll ask.

*** Where is a good reference on Minolta Maxxum lenses? ***

The info on Minolta's website is OK, but hardly subjective.

I just bought a Maxxum 650si on Ebay for a pittance! If I like it, I will want more lenses! It is to be a "vacation" camera, to replace ("upgrade") the P&S.

I want to know things like:
* I know the "G" lenses are the best, but for my use, probably pricey.
* There are some new ones that are cheap. Are they the same as the older lenses of the same specs, just in new, plastic bodies?

Remember: vacation camera. It is not to replace my medium formats, or even the 35mm manual focus ...

Thanks in advance!