I was at the Aurora Camera Club meeting on Monday and another member (who does not do digital at all) came up and asked me why we didn't get the analog club we had been talking about starting up and running. By way of background we have both been active members of various camera clubs in the Denver area for over 20 years each. So we are having an organizational meeting on Wednesday January 19, 2011 at 7:00 PM at the meeting room in Aurora Fire Station No. 11. This is the northwest corner of Iliff and Joliet which is about 4 blocks east of Havana or a mile west of I225 on Iliff.

I saw the thread about Englewood Camera Club and thought I would post about our meeting. This will be an analog only club. Digital topics will not be discussed. There are enough clubs doing that already. We will be discussing whether we want to have regulasr competitions or not. If we do, there will be slides and prints. Prints would need to be done in a darkroom if made by the photographer or made from the slide or negative if processed commercially. My thoughts are that ink jet or glicee prints would not be allowed but that will be a subject for discussion.

We know that there are more than a few members of the various clubs that are still actively doing analog photography and will be calling or otherwise contacting them to see if they are interested. So far we have received favorable responses from members of Aurora, North Jeffco, and DPS. If you are interested please come to the meeting.