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A metal camera is much better for self-defense than a wood one. But wood or metal, if the GG is not protected, it will be hard to use if it gets broken.
Tripods are for self defense. Thats what the pointy things on the ends of the legs are for!
What focal length lenses do you plan on using? Make sure the bellows can handle them and all the rest of the details are....details.
Wooden cameras are my preference, but I wouldn't turn up my nose at a Linhoff or Super Graphic. The ability to shoot handheld is something I've come to value(hence one of my current 5x7s is a Speeder)
I think cameras are like tennis rackets. If it is a model you enjoy looking at and handling, and can imagine yourself using in the field then it is probably a safe pick. Go look at cameras and fall in love with one.