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Well now I'm even more indecisive!

I do not want something I have to wrestle with in order to get it into position. This is annoying in any circumstance, let alone when its below zero and my fingers have lost most of their tactile abilities.

It also seems like the picture I'm getting is that wood is more durable against the big knocks, but metal might be better for the usual "getting bumped around." Fair assessment?
I wouldn't call setting up a Wista wrestling

The differences in operation are really slight, I can get my 45DX set up in about 30 second, and in the cold an all metal camera might be worse. On the few occasions when I go out shooting with other photographers I've often got my shot with my Wista while even MF users are still setting up

Ideally you need to try both options, maybe find some LF users near you.

A wooden camera has one other advantage - a lot more people will stop and talk to you when your out using it