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I had a back that kicked the bucket--so I tore into it--it would make a Swiss watchmaker proud!!! They are just a tad more complicated than one would think! But other than lightseals it is just not worth repairing---eBay and KEH are the place to go, but I have noticed the prices are climbing up slightly. Don't know if the supply is shrinking, or if the demand is going up.
Seals, I do; the rest is like amateur dentistry, i.e., not smart. Price movements are puzzling. I got some NOS boxed KL lenses, Pro S backs and a Pro S body kit in spring 09 for peanuts--I mean cheap. While there is a bunch of nearly dead Pro kits and Pro S bodies+backs+finders, clean low mileage stuff does seem to be getting pricier--more from shortage than rampant demand. I'm surprised what friends have paid recently for RB67 kits in very rough shape--dumb or desperate isn't certain but rational people do make odd decisions after the MF bug bites.