Thanks, I'll see if the green wire under the hotshoe has come off.

It's a great Schneider-Kreuznach Xenar 38mm f/2.8 lens and Compur shutter. This is the toy camera subforum but I don't consider this camera a toy with that kind of lens. It is a sort of "quarter" frame 6x6, a 3x3 I guess ;-) I have a toy Instamatic, the X-15F with plastic 43mm f/11 fixed lens too.

I'm using Solaris 200 in them right now and plan on reloading the cartridges with either 35mm or cut down 120 roll film, 35mm would have sprocket holes in the picture while 120 would be a waste, throwing away almost half of the film. Still not sure how I'm going to make the single perforations per frame either so for now, ferrania Solaris 200 for more money per roll than I paid for the Instamatic 500 is what I use LOL