dschneller...I took your advice and rerolled the paper backing. What a great idea. It is really letting me see what is going on. I can pop the back off to see if the film is advancing. After close examination of the film back and the camera body, I see that there is a metal sprocket wheel thingy on the film back that moves with the film advance knob. I also see that on the camera body, there is a spot for this metal sprocket wheel to fit into. There is also a little metal sprocket wheel thingy in this slot on the camera body. The wheel in the camera body moves when I press the motor drive. It looks to me that this is how the motor drive moves the film advance on the film back, but for some reason these wheels are not working together. Since the numbers move on the back when I hand crank, I'm guessing it's an issue with the body??? I think the camera will operate fine if I just hand crank to the next frame without relying on the motor drive. Does this seem like I'm on the right track? I've done tons of searches for the SQ-AM on line, but there is very little info about this camera.