They're pretty easy because they 're big and simple.
The front element unscrews, two screws for the decorator plate and three screws for the cam.
I usually mark the cam for reference because I'm lazy. Take a close look at the slots. There is a follower in each one, on reassembly they like to avoid the groove they belong in.
The slow speed escapement is in the lower left section of the case. I use lighter fluid or Naptha applied to the various gear shafts. You can apply it with the eye of a needle then work the shutter several times. The shutter can be worked just by replacing the cam plate & holding it in position. You may have to apply the solvent several times before everything is cleared up. You don't have to lube the shutter afterward, there's enough residual left from the solvent.
That's really all there is. If you want you can take the escapement apart & clean the shafts & holes independently. I don't bother with it. There is usually gear timing & flying springs. When they fly it's to another dimension.