One doesn't need to go to a bar (but it can be fun). That is a good opportunity to use really fast film. But I understand your Auntie, etc etc.

Buy slower film and walk the streets of Hollywood. The 3200 will constrain you too much. There is lots to shoot. Lots and lots. Interesting people, buildings, and other assorted sights. Hollywood Blvd, Sunset Blvd, Sunset Strip, Melrose Blved, Fairfax Blvd (except on Saturday when the residents are in Temple and the streets are vacant). Hang out at the regular "tourist sites" like the Kodak Center, Grauman's Chinese, and Disney's ___ Theater across the street. Have an ice cream at the Disney Ice Cream shop!

If you can, do the same downtown. Olvera St, Union Station, Chinatown... or the Grand Central Market.

Whatever you do, have fun. There is a lot of fun to be had in LA, Hollywood and the environs. I hope the weather is good for your visit!