Tried posting this in the Alternative forum on here but didn't get any responses yet. Was wondering if anyone in this forum could help me out with a question I have. Here goes:

Hello All,

Tried to figure this out before posting but couldn't seem to find anything. I recently came across some solargraphy image and really want to give it a shot. I was simply wondering, what is the shortest exposure time to get an image on the photo paper without developing? While doing my looking around, I've seen the famous 6 month shots but I've also seen one's that have only taken a day. That's quite a large range. I realize that the exposure time will have a lot to do with pinhole diameter. However, I'm sure .25mm - .50mm difference between pinholes sizes wouldn't make THAT much of a difference in exposure times. I'm sure there has to be some kind of baseline exposure time to get a visible image on the paper? Does photo paper not "overexpose" without developer? Any help would be great, thanks.