The Olympus Pen FT was and is a sweet camera. Viewfinder is slightly dim though very usable. The body is rather long and squat, but because it doesn't have a pentaprism, you expect a rangefinder or some other type -- surely this can't be an SLR.

The price seems to be all over the map: from $130 to $200. I paid just over $200, but it's in excellent condition. Not a mark on the body, and it was very clean.

The film advance is a bit different because the lever is slightly longer than normal. The focusing screen is ground glass with a central spot but no split image. The shutter is a bit louder than average, but the release is very nice and requires a light touch.

If you have the accessory shoe mounted on the eyepiece, you must remove it to rewind the film.

ASA range runs from 25-400, so if you tend to push your film to 800 or beyond, you'll need to do some mental calculations.

From what I understand, the Japanese are big collectors of these, though the prices on eBay would suggest otherwise. When prices are unreasonably high, it's usually because the camera has moved into the realm of collectors (the Nikon S rangefinders is an example of this).

Very nice cameras, and if you get one in good condition, you won't be disappointed. Now, that's the thing with eBay, isn't it: Finding a camera in good condition.