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How big a tripod do you need for it? I am looking at backcountry camping with my P67, where I don't want to carry a heavier tripod than necessary. My prime targets are the Induro carbon fiber line. I am thinking about a CT-213, which would weigh about 5lbs with a ballhead. I mostly shoot wideangles and the 105, and I can't see myself owning anything longer than 200mm. My 67 does have a MLU. I can't afford to rebuy multiple times, so I need to get this right the first time.
Paul, the CT213 look much the same as my Velbron CF630, which I use with a Archtech GV2 ballhead without much problem. I do find on grass and soft footing I hold the camera and not use a cable release to fire as the shutter operation will still cause the camera to move a bit.