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If it works why change it.
Just works does'nt cut it in my book. I've a Sekonic L-228
which I like. It works But is slow, uses mercury batteries,
has an eight degree 'spot', and the view is not all it
could be.

I've an AEIII, an eye level finder/meter, for my ETRSi which
is a pain in the neck when placed at less than eye level.
I made the camera usable by puting that finder in the
drawer, installing the rotary, and using off camera
metering. If I'd gone 6 x 6 and a waist level I'd
have saved money and be packing lighter.

I think a narrow field meter a good idea. Most of them have
too many bells and whistles. The L-228 fills the bill but
like I said, But. An update of same basic type meter
is what I'd like. The L-228 is very compact. Dan