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I popped open a fresh pack of FP100C for Christmas and it works great in the NPC Polaroid Land back I have on my RB67. New chemicals work great.

Anyone know how soon I should finish off the 10 pack? I know from the old one that was in my back that they don't last forever but will they last a few weeks or should I finish it off quick once it's been opened? The data sheet says to expose the film as soon as possible after opening. Not sure if I should save the rest of the pack for my daughter's birthday in a few weeks or blow the rest during the holidays. I should probably get a fresh pack for the birthday...
Your call. I'd be tempted to shoot it up for the holidays and call it quits. It will hold, though, just by keeping it cool(not a problem in balmy Guelph)but not much more than a few weeks. At those prices it should clear why instant film backs are so cheap now.