Yep those mule deer can be true "suicide mission" creatures here in the Rockies. What an fantastic shot that would have been though - so sad that you missed it. I guess there's a moment like that for all photographers - the OMG! I can't believe I didn't have my camera with me!

Mr du Toit was one determined, brave, and if I may say so, ingenious shooter. What amazes me the most is to have EIGHT lions almost literally within reach staring at you, and still have MIRROR still water around him! I wouldn't have had still water, nor even ripples, I think I would have had surf worth waves!! And the whole worm moving around in his foot thing - ugggghhhh.... But what truly amazing shots, I guess in the long run it's worth it. At least he lived thru the ordeal!! Wish I had that kind of patience though.