Wow, I was reading about your instructions on using insant film and how it got into a discussion of the short life of instant film. I used Polaroids back in the '70's and '80's and never had a problem with them drying up. Ofcourse I was taking a lot of pictures then and probably used up a pack in a month or so, but I think I might have had a few that were in my camera for several months without any problems. Ofcourse back then it was 8 exposures and now Fuji makes it in 10 exposures, so othey went faster too. I even once had a model 180 but sold it. (My Indian name must be 'He Who Sells Hot Cameras For a Song"). I bought a Polaroid back for my RB and have not used it yet but I certainly would hope film will last more than a few weeks! Even a digital camera can't come close to the fun of an instant print for some reason. The magic of holding a picture in your hand that was taken a few minutes ago is not the same as printing it out from a computer. Have fun! Ric.