It really is fun. I haven't used Polaroid since the '70s and '80s but it was always fun. The Fuji instant seems quite good, seems better quality not sure if it is the film or the Mamiya RB67 lenses.

B&H, $10 a pack wow! Now they have ground shipping to Canada too, 9 packs is $8.22 shipping, 10 packs goes up to $9.62 shipping, 14 packs seems to be another threashold $11.42 shipping. Wow, great prices. At $11/pack total that isn't too bad really, $1.10/shot and if you want to make copies there are always internegs for more prints.

Just makes me wish I had a 6x9 Polaroid back on some camera though the RB67 is already pretty darned heavy with the prism finder and flash bracket in place. I looked on eBay and couldn't even see any 6x9 Polaroid backs for anything but perhaps I had the wrong search terms.