Cleaning out the fridge selling almost all my expired frozen film. All the film expired, so try at your own risk. Most of the film do not have the paperbox, so the expiration date is according to outside the ziplock bag.
Shipping is between $4-$12 depending on how much film you buy. I will ship either USPS First Class or Priority Mail. Payment via USPS MO, check, Paypal (please add 3%). Please buy at least 5 rolls or more to make it worth my time waiting at the post office.
Buy more than 15 rolls, free shipping!!!

Afga RSX II ISO 200 (expired 2002) 11 rolls $6/roll
Provia 100F (expired 2009) 30 rolls $3/roll
Kodak E100 VS (expired 2009) 15 rolls $3/roll
Ektachrome E200 (expired 2010) 8 rolls $5/roll
Portra 160VC (expired 2007) 5 rolls $3/roll
Fuji 160 NPS (expired 2009) 3 rolls $2/roll