You can take the funicular railway up to the Miro museum, and then from there on up to the fort at the top. The views from the fort are amazing, and there's plenty of neat architecture on the fort itself to photograph, including the big late 19th/early 20th century naval guns mounted on the top of the hill. The city has turned the grounds around the fort into a public park, including an archery range. Another neat place to visit is the maritime museum at the bottom end of Las Ramblas - they have a complete full-scale reconstruction of a 16th century Spanish royal battle barge inside. Oh, and if you have the chance, go to Casa Amattler - check with the front desk when they're doing tours, as they may not be fully open again yet. Come back on a day when they are doing tours so you can see Sr. Amattler's photo studio - it's a complete Victorian photography salon. And don't forget to sample the chocolates! They make a perfect gift to bring home and the taste is AMAZING. Some of the best chocolate I've ever had. If you like sparkling wine, look for some Juve Y Camps Brut Nature Gran Reserva de la Familia - better than Veuve Cliquot Yellow Label at half the price (get it at duty-free in the airport - the price is reasonable and you won't have the hassle of trying to get it through security).