Keep hold of your equipment. My wife and I got pickpocked. We were walking along a pretty nice street with apartments. I felt something on my shoulder. Looked like a bird had pooped on me. When I looked up a guy walking towards us kind of looked in our direction and seemed to see my predicament and offered his bottle of water and a kleenx. He then motioned for us to go into his apartment building. In the foyer we noticed some splater on my wifes hair. He helped us wipe it off as well. Just then a guy came down the stairs and went out the front door. After a moment our guy left. We headed back out and contiued on our way. A little later I noticed my wallet gone.

The scam is. The first guy on the street looks for someone like us with camera bag, map, etc. walking down the street. The other guy breaks into an unused apartment and has a cup with baby food and water mix. When the first guy calls him he waits and drops it on the mark from the balcony or window. You can guess the rest. I should be happy I didn't catch him in the act as we would have been in a secluded place fighting him and his friend with just me and the wife. Not a good senario.

Watch yourself. Most of the theifs are from south america, places like columbia. The regualr spaniards hate them as they give the country a bad name. We had locals who would admonish us to hold onto our bags and purse much better.

For all that the local people were very nice and helpful. Great country, just keep aware of your surroundings and don't set you stuff down or leave it loose on your shoulder.