Well, I went to Caprock Canyon State Park last week end. It's a very remote park that is very under used. This was one of the best times of the year to visit as the temps were tollerable during the day and rather cool in the evening. A steady wind/breeze blew almost constantly. Also much was in bloom.I stayed in the South Prong camping area, and there were only three other sites occupied on Sunday night, and I had the entire area to my self on Monday night.

Great trails, plenty of photo opportunities, and not enough time. Prong horns, jack rabits, and green lizards made up most of the wildlife seen. No snakes of any kind although I was assured they were there! I would highly recomend it to anyone, especially those in the DFW area. It is only 5 hours away, and well worth the drive.

The attached photo is a very poor scan of a decent photo, but it gives you some idea of the photo opps you would find in the park.