Well that is the disadvantage of being on the wrong side of a time zone, seems I have missed the fun. No doubt I only would have repeated Dave and Bob anyway.

I do have one shot in the dark though Nancy. Have you checked the multiple exposure lever? If this is activated the film will not be advanced after the shutter is pressed. The sound of the motor (and I am guessing here) could just be the shutter being cocked.
You said that there is a slot for the wheel on the back to fit into and you can see the cog on the body turning, on my SQA the multiple exposure lever lifts the drive cog back into the body. When the lever is set to single exposure (upright) the teeth of the cog actually come out of the body. If the wheel is inside but turning this could be the problem.

I hope you can decipher some useful information out of the above. I only just understand it myself! Mail me if you think this could help but you need me to be a little clearer, I also have a link to a SQAM manual online but I think it is probably a digital version of the one you already have.

Hope you get shooting soon.