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Is this normal am I taking a long time, am I rubbish at what I am doing for it, or does it not really matter and take as long as I like?
Come photograph with me sometime. When I'm using the 5x4, about the best I can do is 20 minutes from start of setup to end of tear down. Much more normal is 30-45 minutes (if it's a tricky shot or conditions are challenging like yesterday's cold and 8 inches of fresh snow). On top of that I've been known to wait for hours to get the right combination of light, wind, etc. to allow me to capture what I want.

I spent most of yesterday out photographing as the big East Coast storm was winding down. Exposed a whopping five sheets of film in five or six hours of faffing about in the snow. If you'd been with me no doubt it would have been you saying that I take (much) too long!