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Over on RFF, a poster came across a Black original MP for $12,665. This was followed by a poster in Europe who said: "That's nothing" and shared the following link: http://www.schouten-select.com/produ...+Set+Very+Rare

That's incredible! that's $91,000 U.S.
I came across a pristine original black paint M3 with black Summilux 50/1.4 (and cap) and box. Clearly meant for the collector, it was priced at a nice $42,000

I found that looking long and hard enough, there are affordable Leicas out there. I compromise on condition, and therefore am able to get some pretty good deals. There's also screwmount, which can be pretty cheap and is very, very much usable (in fact I like screwmount better than M )