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I did not buy Leicas for the "mystique" of the brand; I bought it because it was the ideal tool for the work I do, which is dance and theater photography. It it silent and unobtrusive, and lasts forever. I consider them excellent investments. I can't afford, nor am I interested in owning, "mystique."
Maybe I should have used "reverence" instead of mystique. But it could be construed to be one in the same depending on how much price tag shock & awe one can tolerate versus "its the tool to do the job I need it to do and the price is right."

I suppose it comes down to: Do you NEED a Timex, or a Rolex.

The Timex will do the job but not like that Rolex.

I can still see those John Cameron Swayze tv commecials now: "It takes a licking and keeps on ticking"