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Excerpts from Kodak press release:

Eastman Kodak Company announced that it has named Gustavo Oviedo to the position of Chief Customer Officer

“Kodak has always believed in putting the customer first,” said Perez. “With the creation of the position of Chief Customer Officer, we are reinforcing our commitment to delivering products and services that reflect the input and the needs of our customers, both commercial and consumer.

As Chief Customer Officer, Oviedo’s primary responsibility will be making the customer central to the company’s delivery of products and services – from design to distribution. He will partner with all of Kodak’s business teams and Corporate Marketing to carry out his mission. From his base in Rochester, N.Y., he will oversee the company’s sales and customer operations in the Americas; Europe, Africa and Middle East Region.

“Our sales increasingly come from the business-to-business marketplace, which is where I have spent the bulk of my career. I look forward to doing all I can to contribute to the continued success of Kodak’s digital transformation.”
Well that's very good news, now we can rest assure that the company really likes us, you really like us! I felt so alone and sad but now I'm loved and cherished and feel loved again. Oh what a wonderful day, oh what a wonderful feeling to know that millions of miles of film will flow into my life and beyond. I'm almost speachless but I can't keep it in. Oh thank you Mr. Pres. Preres EI EI O. Mr. Chief Customer Digital Transformation Film Killer Oviedo, and it's i before e so it's certainly correct.

Like the Pharaoh who erased the name of a previous Pharaoh and put his name on the monuments, I wish you luck on making a historical statement and striking the name of Kodak Film forever from the land and may no man speak the work "film" lest they be struck off the planet in a digital flame.

Lastly I'm heading to the bathroom to vomit.