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There are definitely better, more modern convertibles, but for a vintage lens the TR triple performs quite well. It is, of course, better corrected when using the 12" configuration. The addition of a yellow filter helps to sharpen the 21" and 28" back up. I have one that I use quite happily on 8x10.

Edward Weston shot hundreds of negatives with this lens, (IIRC he didn't like the 21" focal length) so if the lens is in good shape, you won't be able to blame it for much.
A quick question - I'm working on a series of work shot on 8x10 and it means I'm on the move and working out of back packs. However the prints for the gallery will be 60x40 and was thinking of finding a cookie triple conversion lens to shoot this on. QUESTION - do you think I will get sharper images shooting on regular schneider lenses than on the cookie lens? Your advice would be much appreciated.. Luke