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To be slightly off-topic (as if the thread hasn't already wandered off), do you cover your camera with anything when you're out in the snow? I haven't done this myself more out of concern for the gear in bad weather than for myself. I'm about to go out now, though. Now it is sunny and I am hoping that the sidewalks on the Longfellow bridge have been cleared.
I just hold my camera "lens away from the snow" while being out in the storm so I don't have snow buildup on the filter/lens. I almost wiped out a couple times, so that is more a concern than snow/moisture. I have an ability to fall and save the (coffee,camera) at my body's potential expense.

Part of the appeal of a speed graphic is it's something cheap and functional for taking out in the snow. If I totally destroyed it, $200 could buy another, and that's the price of a single very cheap lens for 35mm. Chances are, nothing bad will happen to the speed from the weather as it's mostly pleather, vinyl, and aluminum.