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hi all,

first time post, i have been looking high and low for the above fillm at adorama and B&H, and while the 24 exp are available, 36 are not! worse, it says discontinued! is this for real? can someone in the know shed light on this?

how can 36 exp be less available than 24 exp for fuji 400, probably their most popular consumer film?
This is "for real." Fujifilm CH 135-24 Fujicolor Superia 400 is in fact DISC in 36-exp and remains available in 24-exp. While B&H sold quite a bit more 36-exp than 24-exp, overall Fujifilm USA found demand for 24-exp remained while demand for 36-exp has dwindled.

BTW, @moosekaka - I have not hear "that ALL fuji superia has been discontinued." Can you cite your source?TIA.