My darkroom is approximately 7' x 7' with a 6 1/2' ceiling. One wall has a 6' sink, the opposite wall has my enlarger and my UV exposure unit. I do a wide range of work in it - I have done color printing and silver-gelatin enlargements in it, but now I mostly do large format contact prints. I do have some storage outside the darkroom because being such a small space I have to break down and re-configure depending on what I'm doing. If I'm processing film, the trays have to be removed and the Jobo put in the sink. When I'm not processing film, the Jobo goes out in the hall on the floor. It's a pretty efficient space, with my vertical slot processor (for silver gelatin/color prints) and print washer fitting on the floor under the UV exposure unit. Under the sink is where all the chemical storage bottles are kept. Lenses and negative carriers for the 4x5 enlarger are in a rack mounted on the wall.