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I've gotten images in as short as one day using a pinhole and exposing directly to Ilford paper.

Might be worth mentioning that you don't need to use a pinhole. I used a homemade lens/cigar box combination and got this in just about three hours:

The aperture is about half an inch and focal length (depth of the box) is about four inches. So that's ~f/8. Again the exposure was direct to Ilford paper.
Hm, interesting. Thank you very much for the reply. I got too anxious waiting for a reply so I tried it out using a film container pinhole and exposed for two days. Got a decent result but decided I wanted to expose for longer so I set up two new cameras on my roof. The main problem I have now is keeping water out of them. The actual camera is waterproof but the section I have cut out for the pinhole is not.