I'm totally new to the world of Hasselblad and in fact, I don't own one. I'm curious about the infamous jam issue since I may be interested in getting one.

I hear, one of the down side of Hasselblad 500 series is it's tendency to occasionally jam. According to what I read so far, this is due to lens and body needing to be in cocked state when removing and attaching. Should one trip and the other one not, it constitutes a "jammed" state. (am I understanding this correctly?)

I read, if the lens "fires" while detached, all one needs to do is to use a coin and turn a screw to cock it then all is fine. (is this right?)

If body fires when lens isn't attached, what do you do?? Just wind?

If one is sloooooooooooooow in attaching the lens, there is a possibility that lens might fire a split second before it is properly attached to the body. Since now the lens is "fired" and the body is "cocked", there is a problem. One cannot remove the lens in this state. (is this right?)

I read, then one has to remove the back, slide/push the curtain, and carefully turn a screw inside the body (near the lens?) to cock the body, then remove it, then reattach. (is this right?)

Now, the big question - it is so hard for non-owner to gauge how bad/frequent these issues actually occur. I can't possibly buy a second body and lens just in case - but these are professional cameras. It can't be that bad and still be useful in professional setting is it?

With internet tendency to magnify problem far more than benefit (because ones with problems proclaim it louder and ones without problems just don't say anything), I'm pretty much clueless at this point.

Can someone in APUG land help me out?