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Ron advised the field camera and said there would be some hiking and not to bring a case on wheels.
I have spent many days in Death Valley. You will have a blast. Mostly I carry an 8x10 or 11x14, so I know what bulk and weight are all about. The main hikes in DV for images are all under 1.5 miles, but involve sand, tight spaces or boulder hopping--indeed no place for a case on wheels. I would strongly suggest a backpack.
It's about 3/4 mile over sand to the dunes at Stovepipe Wells. Blowing sand and dirt are your problems. Carry stuff sacks that are waterproof, as there is no place to set your film holders/meter/incidentals/etc. I put a metal hook on my tripod to hang all that stuff that should not touch the ground.
Salt Creek is a great hike, and you will probably go there at dusk. It's a board walk for the first 1/2 mile, then creek hopping and a winding one-person-at-a-time trail. Round trip is about 3 miles.
Mosaic Canyon is narrow and you must pull yourself up in places--no room for a big case or shoulder bag.
All the rest: Badwater, Devil's Golf Course; Devil's Cornfield; Ubehebe Crater; Zabriske Point are just off the road and short stroll.
Filters will not be too important, as you will have little haze, and will do the bulk of your shooting at dawn/morning or dusk/evening. Instead, you will want to control your development. Shoot tons of film and take lots of notes, then fiddle in the darkroom when you get home.
Please, when you get home, tell everyone that Death Valley is the worst place in the world! The truth will be our secret.