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To be slightly off-topic (as if the thread hasn't already wandered off), do you cover your camera with anything when you're out in the snow? I haven't done this myself more out of concern for the gear in bad weather than for myself. I'm about to go out now, though. Now it is sunny and I am hoping that the sidewalks on the Longfellow bridge have been cleared.
I was hesitant to take it out in the snow without protection, but I did anyway. I tried building a rainshell out of trashbags once, but that was too restrictive for my camera movements (probably my fault for making it too tight), so I wound up tearing it off halfway through the night. I was admittedly nervous when snow started building up around the lens, but when I got home I was just sure (as I always do whenever it gets slightly wet) to take everything apart and let it dry by the heater overnight. I don't think I'd do this if I had a more expensive lens, but I don't necessarily mind with my cheap Ilex.

The hardest part of actually shooting was keeping snow and ice from building up on the lens. Several exposures were ~10 minutes, so even though I'd clear it beforehand, halfway through the exposure it was building up. I found myself blowing on the lens to at least try to get the loose snow off. Haven't processed that film yet, so not sure if it had a negative effect or not.

The next day my shutter was acting a bit funky. I had to cock it, press the shutter release, then fiddle with the cocking lever to get the shutter to fire. A few hours later, it was fine (probably just still a little wet inside). I also had water inbetween my GG and Fresnel, but I just took them apart and let them dry.

I think the only real concern with getting these cameras wet would be (a) rust and (b) getting the inside of the bellows wet, where (at least on mine) it doesn't appear to be water-resistant. But, I think as long as you immediately dry it when you get home it should be fine. In the future, I plan on using a blow drier and a can of compressed air to dry it out before letting it sit overnight.

When I get my Crown Graphic, I think that and my Ilex 150mm will become my designated "poor weather" setup.