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Film is a passing fade, so is digital, in the future, less than a hundred years, it's going to be Tele-Share, people will not have a blue thing hanging from an ear but they will have an implant so they can think the image, eyes won't even be needed so the sight impaired will see again too. Like dental work a hundred years ago being ancient compared to modern dental, direct Tele-Share will be the norm in the future. Think of an image and it will appear in your mind, and full motion and sound too.

I saw a digital camera at Costco today; a Fuji Film digital camera. How's that for a label, Fuji Film.
Well I remember attending the US Open tennis tournament in 2005 where the Fuji Film blimp circling overhead was emblazoned with the slogan "FujiFilm Means Digital!"

Yup, that's what it said.