Well, the IIf mostly works (1/25th seems a bit irregular and the camera occasionally takes an extra turn to wind), but performed admirably when shooting a roll. It could use a CLA but the curtains are in decent shape. The lens has a decent amount of dust and a little scratching on the button, but no fungus/haze/etc. I need to test it against a Jupiter 12 to see if it is worth keeping.

I really want wide angle LTM lens I'm happy with. the J12 always felt much more blurry than I'd hoped. I'd try shimming it but it would be a slow process as I don't have a good way to test without shooting roll.

Continuing the holiday splurge, I picked up a very battered looking at Yashica CC for $20. It looks like it had a lens filter on it so the who knows what state the glass is in. Honestly, I half expect the camera to be completely dead but at least this way I can try handling one to see what it feels like. I'd rather burn 420 on that than chase a much more expensive one some time only to find out I don't like the ergonomics.