well i think part of the problem is that for this line of consumer film, i see Walmart selling multipacks of 24 exp rolls but none in 36 exp....since their prices for 24 exp is so cheap (less than $10 for 4 rolls a pack), i bet ppl just buy that by default. I would think if they offered 36 multipacks in Walmart demand wouldnt dwindle.

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This is "for real." Fujifilm CH 135-24 Fujicolor Superia 400 is in fact DISC in 36-exp and remains available in 24-exp. While B&H sold quite a bit more 36-exp than 24-exp, overall Fujifilm USA found demand for 24-exp remained while demand for 36-exp has dwindled.

BTW, @moosekaka - I have not hear "that ALL fuji superia has been discontinued." Can you cite your source?TIA.