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The only plus is that what goes up always comes down, but the question is when - hopefully when more confidence returns to other forms of investment.
That may be true if you throw up a ball, but it is disputable in this case. Just like with oil running out, precious metals are slowly too. In addition, silver, just platinum and palladium, has other unfortunately growing uses, for example for solar mirrors and as a catalysts in industry, and protective layer on electronics after the abolishement of lead soldering on electronics circuit boards.

What I find more disturbing is that most shops don't adjust their margins to a lower level. OK, they need to account for increased prices too, but is it really necessary to make a 50% profit on a roll of film, if that film increased its price from 1 to maybe 7 dollars in a few years?

50% of 1 dollar was 50 cents, now they earn 2-4 dollars on each roll sold, which just sounds like a ridiculous change to me , and forces prices upwards even more.

Normally, with higher priced products, margins seem lower. Certainly cameras are no longer sold with 50% margins as they probably did 15 years ago, more in the range of 5-10%.