I decided to start a camera collection recently. I got a few off EBay and have begun telling all my friends and the people I know and also going to local photo stores. Everyone has an old film camera that they don't use anymore collecting dust in a storage box. I am quite poor but so far it has proven to be a cheap yet very rewarding new addition to my photographic adventures.

All the cameras I have so far are in excellent condition, some almost completely mint even being decades old. Yet I do not want to shy away from abused and battered treasures. I have been searching the web and also looking at online bookstores for information on learning how to repair and restore old cameras. From what I understand, unless the lens has a scratch and there is something missing, almost anything can be fixed. Leatherettes can be glued and painted, bellows patched, mechanics unstuck and so on.

Can anyone point to me a resource or two I can use to learn to do atleast basic cosmetic restoration?