I am involved with a lot of show preparation, with my line of work.

Unlike Ian , I do not recommend other photographer friends to help edit work.
Same goes for Wives, family and friends. They are too close or may be pissed at you , or jealous, envious who knows...

What I suggest is choose a associate who is not too close to you, but pick someone you really respect, offer to buy them a really nice lunch and prepare a proposal of your planned exhibit, what the work means to you and have them give you an unbiased review of your images.
This will mean that you will have self edited down to a realistic number of images for the viewer to look at.
If the show/portfolio is to be 15-30 images then present 75 -100 decently presented images for them to view.
You may pick two or more **editors** for this purpose and I believe you will get a much better idea if your images are working with your ideas of a show.
Over time these people will understand your projects and be a wonderful resource and only cost you a few nice meals, which of course you enjoy as well. Otherwise I would pay a good editor to look at your work , but this could be expensive to get a really good eye and unbiased opinion.

I will also add , with experience and time doing this , I have come to a conclusion the most, photographers*not all* but most , are the worst editors of their work.
I am currently preparing for my first showing of my own work and am preparing about 150 test prints to put in front of a few eyes I trust, I hope they like good food.

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Not for negatives, but I have used photographer friends in the past to help select for exhibitions etc.

While I'll have made the original print selection it helps to discuss and fine tune the final selection and often the sequencing as well.

I'm actually doing the same again for 3 separate exhibitions which are being shown late 2011 and early 2012, and with one body of work that includes the work in progress stages and may influence what further images I shoot.

So yes I do get others involved at the editorial stages and have done for over 20 years, sometimes you can't step back and take an impartial look at what your producing.